Hatcheries Led Towards Maximum Economic Return

BELGIUM - Petersime says it is ready to guide hatcheries towards maximum economic return.
calendar icon 3 December 2009
clock icon 3 minute read

Poultry production is, fundamentally, a promising industry, even with the current economic conditions. Hatcheries that want to take full advantage of this potential, however, need to look further than targeting the highest possible hatchability. They can maximise their economic return by hatching not just more but also better quality chicks, optimizing hatchery performance, and reducing costs. Petersime, a leading player in incubators and hatcheries, has geared its activities and services to support hatcheries in this challenge.

Geert Callens, Strategic Business Development Manager at Petersime, said: "The poultry sector offers many opportunities to achieve sustainable growth. We have observed, however, that many players in this market are not making the most of its potential. Consequently, they are losing out on considerable profits. Many hatchery managers, for instance, are still focusing solely on the highest possible hatchability of eggs. That's natural, of course. For a long time, the number of hatched eggs was the only way to differentiate one hatchery from another. But times have changed, and current technology offers many opportunities to get more out of a hatchery."

Maximising profit for life

Petersime has reorganised its activities to optimally support its customers in exploiting their hatchery's possibilities.

Mr Callens continued: "We help them to achieve the highest economic lifelong return instead of optimizing one aspect of the incubation process. Appropriate setters and hatchers are only the starting point for a profitable hatchery. We quite often see that the hatchery design, the air handling or even the work-flow in the hatchery has not been well-thought out. This limits the advantages that can be acquired with even the best incubators."

With Petersime's total solutions for incubators and hatcheries, however, hatcheries can increase the quantity and quality of their chicks, optimize the entire hatchery performance and maximise their profitability – from day one and throughout the service life of the hatchery equipment.

Mr Callens is convinced. He added: "That's what will make the difference in the end."

Innovation in support of profitability

All Petersime technologies still perfectly fit in with this view of maximum profit for life.

Mr Callens concluded: "We have always been known as the incubator innovator. Innovation, of course, remains crucial for hatcheries to stay ahead of competition, but innovation for its own sake is not enough. It should, in the first place, help to increase the profit margin of the hatcheries.

"Our Embryo-Response Incubation technology, our Synchro-Hatch system and our Eco-Drive technology are all aimed at increasing chick quality and slaughter yield, reducing energy consumption, etc, which all directly contribute to the hatchery's profits."

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