Poultry Performance Conference Tackles Current and Future Industry Challenges

GLOBAL - The Petersime Poultry Performance Conference brought together leading poultry companies, opinion leaders and experts with one common interest: understanding and sharing views on current and future challenges in the industry.
calendar icon 7 October 2016
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It is Friday, 4 o’clock in the afternoon on September 2nd. A boat full of people from leading poultry companies slowly navigates on the meandering river Lys. We are at the end of the second – and also last – day of the Petersime Poultry Performance Conference. I am intrigued by one big question. Petersime is known as an incubator and hatchery solution company. So why do they organise a Poultry Performance Conference rather than a Hatchery Performance Conference?

Michel De Clercq, Managing Director of Petersime, explains: "Regardless of wherever a company operates in the poultry industry, it either will have a big impact on hatcheries or hatcheries will have a big impact on the performance of their operations. By definition, hatcheries are places where a lot of value can be created for the next steps in the value chain, but where a lot of value or money can be destroyed if things go the wrong way.

"The goal of the Poultry Performance Conference is to look at the bigger picture, not just the hatchery in isolation, and to discuss the big issues that are important for the future of the poultry industry."

Dr Vinod Mishra, General Manager of Olam, who is standing next to me at the railing of the boat, affirms: "I expected the Poultry Performance Conference to be centred on hatchery management and the Petersime company. But it was not. And I love it. Instead, Petersime delivered us an overview of the whole poultry industry and its challenges."

Each year, the Petersime Poultry Performance Conference brings together leading poultry companies, opinion leaders and experts to discuss the industry’s current and future challenges. This year the ‘on invitation only’ conference took place at Sint-Martens-Latem, near the Petersime headquarters in Belgium.

With the Poultry Performance Conference, Petersime hopes to gain a better understanding of the real challenges of poultry companies, their mayor concerns and goals. This will help them direct their research efforts, their product development, their service levels towards hatchery solutions that are really meaningful, hatchery solutions that will be an answer to real needs.

What is the verdict of the participants at the Poultry Performance Conference? Mr Koos Pretorius, Managing Director of Hy-Line South Africa, evaluates the Conference in one word: "Excellent!"

Mr Michael Siy, President of Canary Square Int’l Corp, sitting on the deck of the boat, affirms that both the topics of the speakers as the panel discussions were most interesting: "As the participants flocked together from all over the world, we could exchange and discuss different and fruitful ideas."

Just before we leave the boat, Mr M. Imtiaz, Director of Midland Breeders, smiles at me and says: "You think you know a lot about the industry. But then you meet other people with differing opinions and you feel like that child again that still has to learn a lot. At the Poultry Performance Conference I could learn interesting things very fast. Moreover, I have met people that are now friends."

Fuelled by the positive feedback on this Poultry Performance Conference, Petersime says the company already looks forward to the next edition, where they will again tackle the poultry industry’s current and future challenges.

Ludmila Starostina

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