Hy-Line accelerates genetic progress across all lines

“We are achieving progress in all lines faster than has ever been seen before,” noted Dr. Danny Lubritz, research and development director for Hy-Line International, in a recent discussion regarding Hy-Line’s intensified efforts in genetic selections.
calendar icon 19 January 2018
clock icon 2 minute read

“We are making significant strategic changes in the Hy-Line breeding program to accelerate the rate of genetic progress.”

Hy-Line’s team of geneticists is making the genetic engine more powerful and more efficient. In fact, the recent pure line selections have documented a considerably higher response than achieved in previous years. We have narrowed the scope of genetic traits we analyze and, ultimately, use to select the next pure line generations, with the goal to achieve increased egg numbers, persistency, shell strength, egg weight and feed efficiency.

“We are putting more selection pressure on increased egg numbers and shell strength while not overlooking other key traits,” said Dr. Lubritz while noting a major improvement in the most recent generation.

“Our layers must be productive, yet balanced.”

Genetic progress is a function of selection intensity, accuracy, genetic variance within the lines and generation interval between selections. Because genetic progress is expressed as a fraction in this equation, anything to increase the numerator will increase genetic progress. Anything to decrease the denominator will increase genetic progress.

Additionally, we now deliver superior genetics to the customer sooner,” said Dr. Lubritz. The compilation of these improvements, combined with local technical service and sales support and an excellent network of distributors secures Hy-Line’s commanding presence as a world leader in layer genetics for our customers for years to come.

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