W-36 parent stock flock achieves outstanding performance

The Hy-Line W-36 has been and continues to be the bird of choice for producers around the world who need a highly efficient white egg layer with dependable production and industry-leading livability.
calendar icon 3 October 2019
clock icon 3 minute read

Longtime Hy-Line distributor in Chile, Avicola El Monte, is seeing excellent performance in its Hy-Line W-36 parent stock flocks. One flock now at 44 weeks of age continues to remain above 90 to 95 percent plus rate of lay for the past 21 weeks with 99 percent livability and shows no sign of slowing down.

In a recent interview, Dr Jose Miguel Correa, veterinarian and managing partner of Avicola El Monte, noted the company continues to succeed with the Hy-Line W-36. “It’s a bird that provides very good profitability. It has an excellent shell quality, as well as an excellent egg quality inside the egg for the egg processing companies,” said Dr Correa. “It meets expectations after molting, as well in as in a single cycle where molting is not used. It is a rustic bird – very healthy. To tell you the truth, the W-36 has been the mainstay of our business in Chile for nearly 50 years, as we continue to be the dominant day-old chick supplier in the market.”

Chile is a country with high egg consumption. In recent years, per capita egg consumption has increased from 170 to 240 eggs. The Hy-Line W-36 has excellent feed conversion. Avicola El Monte notes the W-36 consumes less feed than most varieties in the market, while yielding eggs in the most profitable egg weight categories in the Chilean market.

Avicola El Monte is a family business and can also claim the title of oldest Hy-Line distributor in the world, with a remarkable 57 years of partnership. “My father chose to purchase Hy-Line layers and we have never regretted his decision, says Dr Correa. “We have not only received very good genetics, but we have also received very good treatment. We have never regretted choosing Hy-Line and we hope that our relationship will continue for many years to come.”

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