2023 IPPE: Giordano PoultryPlast and GI-OVO’s EggsCargoSystem is global standard to transport eggs

Giordano PoultryPlast's 45-year presence at IPPE
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Oscar Giordano, CEO of Giordano PoultryPlast, and Charles Bursk, US Sales Manager for GI-OVO, spoke with The Poultry Site’s Sarah Mikesell at the 2023 International Production & Progress Expo(IPPE) annual conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Giordano PoultryPlast - 45-year presence at IPPE

“My father started our company in 1962 in Italy. For the last 40 years, we have continued to grow and expand our company,” said Giordano.

For the last 45 years, Giordano PoultryPlast has participated in IPPE.

“We have production sites in the United States and Mexico, and we will soon start production in Brazil,” he said. “We are very proud to be here in the US, Mexico and all of Latin America.”

Giordano PoultryPlast is also expanding its business in Asia.

“In addition, we have a company in Egypt for the Arabic market,” said Giordano. “We are continuing to grow our business in all areas dealing with eggs and production.”

Since its beginning, Giordano PoultryPlast has dedicated itself to specializing in the poultry sector from incubation to breeding to slaughter and transport. It has focused its production on a material with innumerable qualities: plastic. Giordano PoultryPlast now provides a full range of supplies and equipment for chicken production and slaughterhouses such as crates, waterers and feeders.

EggsCargoSystem provides safe transportation

Charles Bursk, US Sales Manager for GI-OVO, a subsidiary business of Giordano PoultryPlast, showcased their EggsCargoSystem® at IPPE.

“We've been selling EggsCargoSystem in the US for about 15 years. The EggsCargoSystem is the safest way to transport eggs,” he said.

The cargo system has been engineered to safely move the product from the farm to the processing plant, reducing cracks and checks in the eggs.

“It's a sturdy, durable and reliable system, and it’s one of the best ways to move eggs on the market today,” said Bursk.

The products are made from virgin plastic materials and designed to minimize damage during transport.

“Farmers and producers have checked and tested our EggsCargoSystem against paper trays and different transport methods. The EggsCargoSystem seems to be the transportation ‘system of choice’,” noted Bursk.

Giordano PoultryPlast is the parent company of GI-OVO, and they continue to support the business as they strive to innovate and explore new ways to improve their products to keep pace with changes in the industry. Their products are made to be sustainable and provide maximum protection during transport for the producer.

“Egg transport is all we do, so we are constantly looking at the best ways to make that happen,” said Bursk.

High egg prices make safe transport of eggs crucial to bottom line

With the high cost of eggs today, they are considered valuable, fragile commodities. Thus, safely handling and transporting eggs is more important than ever. GI-OVO has cargo systems that are designed for the correct size and type of eggs being transported.

“Producers continue to look at egg breakage and transport costs, so implementing the EggsCargoSystem can provide at least a 2% to 3% improvement over other systems in regard to cracks and checks,” he said. ‘The cargo system locks everything together, and it secures the product during transport better than anything else on the market right now.”

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