Flock management tip for breeders: Delay light stimulation by 7-14 days if flock uniformity is poor

This is the second in the series called 'Flock Management Tips' for breeders presented by Aviagen

20 June 2019, at 12:27pm

An assessment of flock uniformity is especially important one week prior to planned light stimulation. If the flock has a CV% of >10 (or a uniformity of <70%) there will be variation in female sexual development. Light stimulation must be delayed to give the less mature females within the population time to mature.

If a flock with poor uniformity is given light stimulation too early there will be: • Increased prolapses and associated peritonitis • Reduced hatching eggs due to increased reject eggs • A poorer peak and poorer persistency of lay. • A flock that is difficult to manage

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