Flock management tip for breeders: Not re-drawing body-weight profiles at 105 days of age will affect sexual maturity

This is the third in a new series called '"Flock Management Tips" presented by Aviagen.

7 August 2019, at 12:00am

When a flock reaches 105 days of age, there may still be differences in the weights of graded populations. To ensure that all birds reach sexual maturity at the same time, all graded populations must be as close to target weight as possible by point of lay. To do this, body-weight targets should be re-drawn at 105 days.

If body-weight profiles are not redrawn at 105 days of age:

  • Pin bone spacing will be variable
  • Timing of light stimulation may need to be delayed
  • There will be a variation in the onset of lay
  • Males and females will not be synchronised at mating up affecting early fertility
  • There may be increased prolapses and associated peritonitis during production

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