Flock management tip for Breeders: Floor eggs - prevention is better than cure

10 September 2020, at 2:00pm

Floor eggs represent a loss of production, a hygiene risk to the hatchery, and will reduce hatch and chick quality.

Attention to detail avoids floor eggs:

  • Train birds to use nests
  • Maintain the correct environment to encourage nesting
  • Remove alternative nesting sites


Introduce perches or platforms at 28 days of age.

Nest boxes

  • Keep clean
  • Close during dark period
  • Keep secure and well maintained
  • 3-4 hens/nest box for manual or 40 hens /linear m (12 per linear ft) for automatic.


Avoid feeding in the period when most eggs are laid; between 30 mins and 6 hrs after lights on.


  • Eliminate poorly lit areas or shadows
  • Avoid draughts in nests
  • Ensure ventilation is evenly distributed throughout the house
  • Walk the house regularly during lay (10-12 times during the first 3 weeks)
  • Collect floor eggs regularly.