IPPE: Zucami Poultry Equipment rolls out new cage-free system

Zucami introduced its Aviary Vision For Layers at IPPE
calendar icon 31 August 2022
clock icon 2 minute read

IPPE 2022 attendees interested in cage-free production flocked to the Zucami Poultry Equipment display where team members introduced its Aviary Vision For Layers. José Cortéz, Zucami sales representative, shared key aspects of the system with The Poultry Site’s Sarah Mikesell.

“This is our new system for cage-free and the reason we’ve been working on the cage-free for the last three years is that it seems like the movement of our layer production worldwide,” said Cortés. “One of the reasons is for the comfort and well-being for the birds and the movement of the birds inside the equipment. We also have an easy visual for the system which facilitates for the daily management, due to the complete vision of all our components in the system. One of the benefits of our system is that it has a dual recollection of eggs that will facilitate for the preparation of the eggs, as well as the maintenance.

“Another thing is that we attach to existing poultry houses. We could put in our new equipment that is also quick-assembling, especially for the production of the layers and the house is easy to assemble, disassemble and do cleaning of the system.”

Cortéz emphasized that in a lot of countries the only new layer production facilities allowed are cage-free systems, especially in Europe, in parts of the United States and they’re even increasing in India. The new system meets these requirements.

“The producer will win with daily management,” said Cortés. “In regard to production, our Vision Control will help them manage the temperatures, the production, the weight of the bird, how much water consumption the bird has daily – this is a complete system.

“Information will be stored into a PC and then producers could look at what has happened in the past to make sure they have better production in the future.”

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