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Discoloured whites


The normal, slightly yellow-green colour of egg white may darken to an objectionable yellow or green, as shown, or may even become pink.


This problem is rare.

Cause Control
Excess of the vitamin riboflavin Excess riboflavin in the diet will produce green whites. Give only the amount necessary to meet the birds’ requirements.
Cyclopropene fatty acids in cottonseed and certain weeds, e.g. marshmallow These substances may cause the white to become pink after storage. Limit cottonseed to 5% of the layer diet (solvent-extracted meals have low levels of cyclopropanoid fatty acid). Exclude weeds from the layer diet.
Ageing of the eggs and/or poor storage conditions The whites of eggs stored for an extended period under poor conditions, e.g. at unsuitably high temperatures, may become much yellower. Make sure eggs are stored under optimal conditions, and minimise storage time.
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