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Defects in hen eggs are a major concern for commercial producers and marketing agencies.

They result in a loss of industry efficiency and, should poor-quality eggs get through to the consumer, a loss of confidence in the product.

It is essential for both the industry and the consumer that the incidence of egg defects be minimised at all levels of production and marketing. Producers, in particular, must be able to quickly pinpoint and correct problems.

This handbook has drawn together the essential information on egg production and egg quality. It gives valuable information on the optimum nutrition of laying hens and explains the importance of vitamins and minerals for optimizing egg quality. Furthermore, egg defects are described in detail by:

  • a description and a colour photograph
  • the likely incidence in well-managed hens
  • the possible causes
  • solutions.

The book will be a valuable reference for all sectors of the egg industry: industry suppliers, food handling, preparing and processing industries, poultry fanciers, home egg producers, and students and teachers of poultry management.

We wish to acknowledge the valuable input and assistance from our colleagues in the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland (DPI & F) Poultry Unit, and the members of the National Coordinating Group for Poultry Research and Extension. Permission given by the Australian Egg Marketing Council to use material in sections of this publication is gratefully acknowledged.

We particularly wish to thank John Connor and Paul Kent, DPI & F, for their invaluable contributions to this handbook.

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