Amlan International launches natural poultry solutions at IPPE

New products help fill gap left by removal of antibiotics
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Amlan International, in business since 2009, introduced a new portfolio of products for the United States market and for international markets during IPPE 2022. Dr. Wade Robey, vice president of marketing and product development, shared the need and reasoning for the products with The Poultry Site’s Sarah Mikesell.

“People in this industry have realized over the last few years that there’s a lot of changes both in regulatory policy and consumer demands for clean food,” said Robey. “And, over the last couple of years, antibiotics have been removed from diets very rapidly. Amlan is bringing forward a range of natural solutions that will help producers meet that challenge, still producing poultry very efficiently with great economics, but also improving the sustainability of production and allowing customers to remove some of the drugs and other non-natural products they currently have in their diets.”

Robey said the international product lines are called NeutraPath Feed and Phylox.

“These products are great in a ration as customers are removing antibiotics, trying to remove ionophore coccidiostats and dealing with all the intestinal, or gut health challenges that they have,” said Robey. “These products are natural solutions that can help the bird maintain a good, healthy immune status and improve the efficiency of production. And, of course, the bottom-line economics.

“In the United States, we’re launching similar products, AmSure and a product called Enterotec, which also focus on gut health, the nutrition of the animal and improve the immune status and overall productivity.”

Robey added the products benefit production and the bottom line.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about the value proposition,” said Robey. “The cost of feed for animal rations is about 70 percent. So, there’s a tremendous focus on nutrient efficiency and getting the most out of that diet, for growth, for body weight and meat yield at the end of the day. So, our products help a producer do that more efficiently, reducing the cost of production, the cost of inputs that they need in their diets and really promoting animal welfare and sustainability as we do that.”

The use of these types of products support consumer demand.

“Certainly, we’ve seen changes in regulatory policy around the world,” said Robey. “Europe led many decades ago with antibiotic removal, but it’s also consumer demand. So, for the time, we’re seeing customers pull antibiotic-free or drug-free products through the value chain. That’s really something that’s allowing for the first time a green premium, or for our customers to be able to market their products to really a higher value market segment.”

He added that Amlan’s natural alternatives can help producers reach this premium market segment whether they’re producing animals in no-antibiotics-ever systems or trying to remove pharmaceutical products in general.

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