Flock management tip for broilers: Achieving a good 7-day weight for optimal performance

calendar icon 24 August 2020
clock icon 3 minute read

Chicks should have access to feed as soon as possible after placement to optimize gut, organ and skeletal development, and to support body-weight gain throughout the growing period. Optimal chick management should achieve a 7-day weight that is 4 times the chick weight at placement.


  • Air temperature: 30oC/86oF whole-house brooding 32oC/90oF at edge of brooder for spot brooding
  • Litter temperature: 28-30oC 82-86oF
  • RH: 60-70% at placement 50% > 3 days of age
  • All in/all out placement best
  • Monitor chick behaviour
  • Light: 30-40 lux (3-4 fc) with 23 hours of light a day until 7 days of age
  • Ensure clean, biosecure housing

House Set-Up

Typical layout for 1000 chicks in a 25 m2/256 ft2 area

Feed and water

  • Provide adequate, fresh clean water
  • Nipple lines: 12 birds per nipple
  • Bell drinkers: minimum of 6 drinkers per 1000 chicks
  • Provide 10 supplementary drinkers per 100 chicks at placement
  • Provide good quality, dust-free crumble or mini pellets on feeder trays (1 per 100 chicks) and/or on paper occupying at least 80% of the brooding area.
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