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calendar icon 12 January 2023
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Since the beginning of our communication for the international launch of Freetilizer, we have been continuously evolving our technology to be easily integrated into the pig and poultry industries as a viable revenue source.

Freetilizer's exposure to the various market players is generating benefits and interest is booming for this sustainable solution to organic waste. Being in constant contact with different livestock producers from countries all over the world, namely South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Spain and Holland, has allowed us to have a greater sense of the different day-to-day realities of livestock production which has allowed us to rapidly adapt our technology to meet global industry needs.

Therefore, we want to continue to openly communicate to our future customers who we are, what we do and how we can create a future together in the valorisation of organic waste. We have listed the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), so we can quickly and clearly explain what Freetilizer is all about.

To start, we would like to give you a general overview of the technology so that you have a solid understanding of the value proposition that we present.

What is Freetilizer?

    How does Freetilizer compare to some of the other waste treatments that are available?

      How does Freetilizer work?

        What are the outputs of Freetilizer Technology? It produces any waste?

          Does Freetilizer can be installed and operated worldwide?

            Ready to learn more? We look forward to speaking with you further about how Freetilizer can help turn your organic waste into an additional revenue stream for your farming operation.

            We are looking forward to your contact. Mail to: [email protected]

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